Ugly Girl, Sweet Nectar

Ugly Girl, Sweet Nectar: based on a true storyUgly Girl, Sweet Nectar: based on a true story by D.D. Kaye
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Obtained a free copy in exchange for an honest review by Booktasters on Twitter
Ugly girl Sweet nectar by D.D.Kaye speaks about the inner demons that make us what we are today. It is the story of Alessa and her insecurities that she starts to acknowledge and grow by the end of the novel. Kaye has narrated the story from two different perspectives of the same person. Young Alessa through her journal entries and the now grown-up Alessa.
The journal entries introduce us to her family, a mother who abandoned her and a father whose priorities were never his children. And as an addition to that, the stepmother was bossy and controlled her dad like a pawn.
Kaye has done a great job in showing us how the childhood trauma affected Alessa in her relationships. She is insecure about almost everything. She tries her best to be a good mom to her 3 children from three different fathers.
She believes that the universe is always against her. She blames her mother for her alcohol issues, Father for his meek self, and herself for loving too much that she could never find the courage to let it go. She meets new people and each one gives her a new perspective.
We readers will watch Alessa as she starts to acknowledge her fears, insecurities, and most importantly her kindness and try to become a better person for the sake of her children.
The cover says that it is based on a true story and a disclaimer declares that it is not a memoir, But in the end, it does not matter at all as we readers will be fully immersed in the sorrow, the intimacy it gives out.
A great novel with a lot of life lessons. A must-read I could say. Also, there is an Indian character named Prakeet which was intentional, or was it supposed to be a typo?

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